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The day you decide to buy your first home, you make the largest financial decision of your life.  But, the financial aspect is only part of the commitment—buying and selling homes also involve many legal issues. Laws at the Commonwealth and local levels combine to protect all parties involved in the transaction and the community as well. 

This is why you need an experienced residential real estate attorney in Fairfax County. Howard A. Birmiel supports a wide range of residential real estate issues throughout Virginia and works to protect your best interests to ensure that your home ownership experience is a good one.

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Real estate law can seem complex, particularly for first-time buyers. In addition to the requirements for buying or selling a home, you may also face legal issues during the time you own the property. 

Howard A. Birmiel is an experienced local residential real estate lawyer in Fairfax County who can help you with all related legal issues, including the following:

  • Buying the property: In addition to handling paperwork associated with buying the property, your attorney must ensure a clean title transfer, handle financial issues involved in obtaining a mortgage, protect you during the closing, and occasionally even resolve easement issues to assure you and your neighbors have a legal right to access your own property via the property of a neighbor. Howard A. Birmiel knows the residential real estate law in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia to address all issues that could later affect your home ownership experience.
  • Home ownership: During the time you live in your new home, many issues can arise. Conflicts can crop up with neighbors, border issues can surface, and zoning issues may affect your ability to make changes to your property. Even changes in Commonwealth or local laws can present unexpected legal issues. At these times, you need a residential real estate lawyer in Fairfax County to help you achieve resolution. Howard A. Birmiel is an experienced negotiator, mediator, and litigator. He can often resolve conflicts outside of court, but when the court is the best way to protect your interests, he has the courtroom skills you need.
  • Financial issues: In a tough financial environment, you sometimes need a Fairfax County residential real estate attorney who can help protect you when unexpected events occur. As a Fairfax County residential real estate attorney, Howard A. Birmiel understands the options available when your financial life changes. He is experienced in negotiating short sales and loan modifications and can also help you refinance your mortgage.
  • Property sale: Once you own a home, buying a new one can be very complicated. All legal transactions are doubled as you sell one home and buy another, and coordinating both sets of issues can be overwhelming. As a Fairfax County residential real estate lawyer, Howard A. Birmiel has extensive experience coordinating the simultaneous purchase and sale of properties. His guidance makes your experience manageable.

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