Real Estate Law in Virginia

Buying a home or business property is one of the biggest financial decisions most people can make. Real estate law in Virginia and even federal laws, can be complicated, and legal issues do not end once the transaction is complete. Issues can arise concerning property boundaries, neighbors, and a host of other situations requiring a strong understanding of the real estate laws throughout the Commonwealth. 

The Fairfax County real estate law firm of Howard A. Birmiel, Attorney at Law provides the experienced legal support you need when buying or selling residential or commercial property and when handling all legal issues that can arise during the time you own your property.

State laws and local real estate laws in Fairfax County

Federal, Commonwealth, Fairfax County real estate laws all must be considered when dealing with residential and commercial real estate issues. The real estate lawyer you retain must have the skill and knowledge to support you in a potentially wide variety of issues. 

Among the many potential issues are the following:

  • Title issues: Real estate lawyers have the resources needed to ensure you obtain full legal title to a property in accordance with Commonwealth and local laws. If you already purchased a property and face title issues after the fact, or if you need help transferring a property title (called conveyancing), Howard A. Birmiel is a real estate lawyer with the experience needed to resolve these issues.
  • Financing: Howard A. Birmiel is a real estate attorney with the experience needed to handle any type of financing issue within all federal, Commonwealth, and county legal requirements. In addition to helping with the settlement of the initial mortgage, he has the skill you need to handle refinancing, short sales, and modification.

State laws and local real estate contract laws

Before taking ownership of properties, buyers and sellers enter into real estate contracts. Real estate contracts are subject to Virginia law. Your real estate contract attorney must be well versed in all applicable laws—state and local—to ensure your rights are protected in any real estate transaction. Howard A. Birmiel is an experienced Fairfax County real estate contract lawyer with a strong background in real estate contract law in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia.

Real estate closings throughout Virginia

During a typical real estate closing in Fairfax County or anywhere in Virginia, you are required to sign an extensive range of documents. Each time you sign, you are committing to certain conditions that will later be upheld by applicable real estate laws. You should have a skilled real estate lawyer in Fairfax County at your side to advise you before signing any closing documents. Howard A. Birmiel helps ensure a smooth Fairfax County real estate closing by advising you during the closing and negotiating with the opposing attorney when needed to protect your rights.

Real estate litigation

Whether your property is within county limits or outside Fairfax County, real estate litigation may be needed if you face disputes with neighbors, local authorities, or anyone affecting your ability to use your property as you intended. Howard A. Birmiel has the skills needed to resolve your issues, whether through negotiation or within a court of law.

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