Virginia Commercial Real Estate Law in Fairfax County, Practicing in Northern Virginia Jurisdictions

If you own a home, you are already familiar with the basics of real estate law. But, when you need to acquire commercial property, or if you already own business property, be aware that the legal issues are not often simple. 

Fairfax County commercial real estate law, combined with Virginia law, carries many requirements surrounding the details of buying the property, how you use it, neighbor issues, and selling. To make sure your interests are protected along the way, you need local support from a commercial real estate attorney in Fairfax County. You need Howard A. Birmiel, Attorney at Law.

Experienced Fairfax County real estate law firm for all issues

Real estate attorney Howard A. Birmiel provides a full range of legal support for your small business, including the many issues surrounding your responsibilities as a business property owner. Our services include  the following:

  • Initial property purchase: Howard A. Birmiel has the local experience as a real estate lawyer in Fairfax County to handle the issues you face when acquiring the property, from drafting the purchase contract through protecting your interests during the closing.
  • While you own the property: Property owners need to protect their ability to run their businesses while coexisting with neighboring business. When conflicts arise with neighbors, or even with municipalities, you need a commercial real estate lawyer who can successfully resolve disputes. Howard A. Birmiel is skilled at conflict resolution. He can often avoid the courtroom through negotiation or mediation, but he is a skilled courtroom litigator when a lawsuit is the best way to protect your rights.
  • Property sale: Unfortunately, a growing business can outgrow the initial property. When you need to sell your commercial property, particularly while buying new property, the legal issues quickly grow complicated. Howard A. Birmiel has the experience needed to keep all transactions coordinated while ensuring that your interests are protected in all legal matters.

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To discuss your real estate legal needs, contact a commercial real estate attorney in Fairfax County from Howard A. Birmiel, Attorney at Law. Your initial phone consultation is free.